OVL Walking Tours of Osterville

Osterville History Walking Tour! Our 1st Self Guided Tour

The Osterville Village Library is excited to introduce the OVL Osterville History Walk, a brand-new offering made possible by a generous grant from the Horizon Foundation. This informative narrated journey through the heart of Osterville invites you to discover the village's rich heritage, with guided stops at historical landmarks, interesting places, and along the picturesque streets where the past and present beautifully intertwine. Embark on this narrated immersive walk to connect with Osterville's vibrant history and community spirit.

Each step of the OVL Osterville History Walk, from the engaging stories along Main Street to the stunning Cape Cod scenery, invites you to immerse yourself in the unique charm and rich narratives that define Osterville. Join us for this captivating exploration, where history comes alive in the most engaging way.

The creation of the tour was a collaborative effort, enriched by discussions and contributions from Osterville's own author and historian Paul Chesbro, alongside native Cathy Wright, ensuring an authentic and deeply informed experience.

This self-guided audible tour, covering approximately 1.5 miles around the village, is available for you to enjoy at your convenience. 

The tour also includes further links to videos and additional information about Osterville, enhancing your exploration with visual and detailed insights into the village's heritage. Stop by the library today and pick up your “ticket” to the tour.


Here's how your OVL History Tour experience unfolds:

Start at the Library: Your journey begins by picking up a special tour card. You can find these at the library or at our AutoLend  library kiosk. Think of this card as your golden ticket to a unique adventure.

Unlock the Experience: Each card comes with a unique code, acting as your personal key to a treasure trove of digital content. If you're tech-savvy, simply scan the QR code on the card with your smartphone to dive into the digital delights. If QR codes aren't your thing, no worries—just enter the code on our special webpage to get started.

Exclusive Access, Just for You: We've crafted a smart system called LWAC (patent pending) that ensures your access to the digital content is as unique as you are. This means that your card and the digital journey it unlocks are for your eyes and ears only—no sharing allowed. This keeps your experience personal and exclusive.

Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere: With your card, you can relive the tour's highlights through the audio guide as often as you wish, whether you're on your phone, another device, or sitting at your PC at home. Even if it's been months or years since your visit, your digital content awaits, just as fresh and engaging as ever.

Quality and Privacy: This unique system not only ensures that your tour experience remains a high-quality, personal adventure but also allows us to gather valuable, anonymous data to continuously improve, all while keeping your privacy intact.

Welcome to an immersive tour experience where your journey is just a card away!