S. E.Hinton started it all, getting her book The Outsiders published at the age of 17.  Before that there were children’s books, and adult books that teenagers were finding and passing around and gobbling up (books like  Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies) ... then along came S.E. Hinton.  In her books, and in the best of the many Young Adult (YA) books to follow, teens will discover new worlds and find their voices.

So read what your friends are reading … or read something because you found an interesting book trailer online … or read something because a teacher asks you to and you find it’s actually pretty good.
Dig around for podcasts and blogs by YA authors. Read a physical book, download one, or listen to the audiobook.  Read from a “Best YA Books” list, or make and post a list of your own.
Just for fun, convince an adult to read a YA book that you love.  
Go back and read the YA classics … go forward and write and illustrate stories and graphic novels of your own. Find a great book and read it.  Find your voice and use it.
And let us know if we can help.
Youth Services Staff
Osterville Village Library