The Backyard Garden: It's a Jungle out there...

Presentation given by Larry Dapsis

Larry Dupsis, from the Barnstable County Task Force lead an overview of the pest management tool box and the variety of vegetables and small fruits that gardeners enjoy growing, the principal insect pests and solutions.  This included an introduction to the good bugs that are helping…predators and parasites.

Please enjoy this copy of his presentation. His notes on each slide are found by hovering the mouse over the speech bubble in the top left corner.

Demonstrative Rain Garden at the Library

You can't help but notice the beautiful rain garden in front of the library. This project was completed in partnership with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, Americorps Cape Cod, Horsley Witten Group, the Town of Barnstable, and Three Bays Preservation with funding provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Southeast New England Program.

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Library Site Plan Rain Garden Plant List Rain Garden For Homeowners Cape Cod Rain Garden Project Summary